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Solace (Snow) Flowers

Discover tranquility in the form of Solace (Snow) Flowers, a luxurious arrangement of roses, lilies, and vax flowers presented in an elegant hat box. With pristine white blooms, it’s perfect for moments of solace, sympathy, or heartfelt appreciation. This arrangement is a serene and sophisticated gift that conveys a message of calm and purity.

149.00 د.إ299.00 د.إ


Experience pure serenity with Solace (Snow) Flowers, a luxurious floral arrangement that epitomizes elegance. This opulent creation showcases the timeless beauty of luxurious roses, fragrant lilies, and exquisite vax flowers, all expertly arranged in an elegant hat box. The pristine white hues evoke a sense of calm and purity, making it an ideal gift for moments of solace, sympathy, or simply to convey your appreciation. Solace (Snow) Flowers exudes sophistication and tranquility, offering a thoughtful gesture that speaks volumes without words. Elevate your gift-giving to a level of serene elegance with this remarkable arrangement.


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