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Ramadan (Chocolate) Flower Bouquet

Celebrate Ramadan with our exquisite Ramadan Chocolate Flower Bouquet, uniting the beauty of fresh blooms with premium chocolates. Adorned in calming colors, this unique gift embodies the spirit of the season. Perfect for sharing love and unity, it’s ideal for Iftar gatherings, thoughtful gestures, or simply savoring the blessings of Ramadan in style.

349.00 د.إ549.00 د.إ


Indulge in the perfect blend of tradition and sweetness with our Ramadan Chocolate Flower Bouquet. This delightful arrangement combines the beauty of fresh blooms with the delectable allure of premium chocolates, creating a unique and heartwarming gift for the season. Adorned with soft, calming colors reminiscent of Ramadan’s spirit, each bouquet is a visual and culinary delight. Whether you’re gifting it to loved ones, setting a welcoming Iftar table, or simply cherishing the moment, our Ramadan Chocolate Flower Bouquet is a symbol of love and unity. Celebrate with elegance and taste, savoring the blessings of Ramadan in every bite.

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